Women Empowerment.

Women power

We are Strong

“Unless women empowerment and girls, men and boys, fully enjoy their human rights and are free from violence, progress toward development will fall short.”

Transforming the ways in which we engage men and boys in gender equality and women’s empowerment efforts is essential to long-lasting social change. We must enlist their support for the empowerment of women and girls across their lifespan, and also encourage them to challenge the negative cultural and social definitions that can limit their own ability to achieve their full potential.

Women’s Empowerment.

“If you are not comfortable having men at your residence for handy services we have handy women’s division for your help.”

Investing in gender equality and women’s empowerment can unlock human potential on a transformational scale. For societies to thrive, women and girls, men and boys must have equal access to education, healthcare, and technology. They must have equal control of resources, lands, and markets. And they must have equal rights and opportunities as peace-builders and leaders.

Human potential
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